Beyond Dashcams - The Story of iMirror

Mr. Pan, the founder of iMirror, who loves driving and road trips, and he has crossed many famous scenic spots in the United States, such as the Grand Canyon National Park and Yellowstone National Park, enjoying the double pleasure of beautiful scenery and driving. During these trips, he often discovers wild animals on the road, such as deer quietly nibbling on fresh grass in the morning, or a lone grey wolf searching for food in the sunset. There are also unique lights, such as sunrise in the morning mist, the afterglow of sunset, and the starry sky at night, which are unforgettable memories for Mr. Pan.

However, due to using a general quality car dash camera, he missed many beautiful moments while driving. Especially when driving alone on some more remote roads, he often noticed some wonderful scenery by the roadside, but the dash camera was not able to record it perfectly. This made Mr. Pan feel regretful, and he gradually realized that a high-quality car dash camera is very important for road trip enthusiasts, not only to record beautiful moments but also to improve driving safety.

On the way back from a trip, Mr. Pan encountered a very annoying problem - there were always vehicles behind him driving too close and using high beam headlights, causing him great discomfort while driving. Mr. Pan thought to himself, if the rearview mirror could be like variable tint sunglasses, automatically adjusting to reduce the glare when encountering strong light, that would be great. Therefore, he began to research various methods and eventually discovered that electronic anti-glare rearview mirrors can solve this problem very well. From then on, he began to study and promote this technology in-depth, hoping that more driving enthusiasts can enjoy a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Due to his own experiences, Mr. Pan decided to create iMirror brand, dedicated to providing better driving safety and experience for driving enthusiasts. He believes that every driving enthusiast should be able to record the beautiful moments of their road trips and should have a better driving safety experience.